Kiepersol Technology is based in Midrand, South Africa. We specialise in corona and radio interference voltage (RIV) measurements (39 years). We perform on a regular basis, RIV and corona tests for various local and international clients. This include corona cage testing, radio interference voltage (RIV) and audible noise measurements.

We have been involved in all 765 kV corona testing that have been performed in South Africa, for local as well as international clients.

We also specialise in photographing corona, spark-overs, lightning and faulty transmission line hardware.

Over the last 10 years, we have gained special knowledge regarding the location of faulty composite insulators, using ultra violet techniques together with infrared thermography. We were able to locate a number of faulty insulators and other equipment on high voltage systems.

Our high current impulse laboratory is one of our flagships. We are capable of producing 8/20 current impulses up to 150 kA. We perform testing according to IEC61643 for local and international clients. Our services also include a mobile impulse generator.

Some of our other specialities include:

•Prediction of audible noise under power lines. At high altitudes, conductor corona can produce unacceptable noise levels, even under dry conditions. We have developed a process where we measure the noise levels on a test line or in a corona cage and then use that to predict the noise levels that can be expected under a proposed transmission line, for wet and dry conditions.

•Mobile Corona Cage: We have built a mobile corona cage and have made ground breaking findings regarding the effect of altitude on dry level corona effects. The mobile corona cage is equipped with water tanks to simulate wet conditions, as well as coupling filters and blocking filters to be able to measure RIV.

•Lighting and switching studies: We do complete mock-up test set-ups in laboratories to verify the lightning and switching performances of towers and insulator hardware.

•High Current Lighting impulse work: We have built a high current impulse generator with a capacity of 150kA (8/20)

• Aerial transmission line inspections and photography

• Infrared thermography

• Pole top burn offs

• Radio, television and telephone interference - the identification, location and correction.


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